SIL Font Development Guide

How to build, modify, and contribute to SIL International font projects

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4. Workflow Overview

This is a general overview of the workflow.

Initial setup (one-time)

  • Install and configure Docker and anvil
  • Set up a font projects folder and clone projects of interest

These steps are covered in Setting Up Tools.

Daily routines

  • Start up Docker and the container (anvil up)
  • Navigate to the project folder
  • Pull any changes others have made to the project
  • Change things! Some ways to do that:
    • Manually edit files using a text editor
    • Run scripts to make changes
    • Run the preglyphs script to create a Glyphs file that can be edited
    • Open the UFOs directly in other apps (Robofont, FontForge, FontLab)
  • Save and normalize your changes
    • Run preflight scripts (including preflightg, preflightff, preflightfl)
  • Use Smith commands to:
    • Clean and configure the build folder
    • Build the fonts
    • Prepare test files
  • Review the results (in /results)
  • Commit your changes locally then push them to the main project
    • You may need to issue a pull request if it’s not your project
  • Exit the container and shut it down (exit and anvil down)

See Modifying Font Sources and Building Font Projects for details.

Preparing a font release

  • Modify the project metadata to reflect the release, including font version number
    • In the UFOs (fontinfo.plist)
    • In the FONTLOG.txt
  • Adjust any other documentation
  • Tag the last commit to reflect the release version
  • Build the fonts using smith zip, smith tarball, or smith release
  • Make a release on Github, uploading the release package from results/releases/

Contributing back to the project

  • Contact the project maintainer to indicate your interest in contributing back to the project
    • You may need to agree to a CLA (Contributor License Agreement)
  • Issue a pull request containing your changes
  • Adjust your submission as needed until it is accepted!

Read Contributing Changes for more information.