Font Development Best Practices

Technical guidance regarding font development and production

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1.1 Referencing Guidelines

Whenever reasonable and appropriate, this book should reference sources, and fully respect the copyright and licensing that applies to content, and the moral rights of the author.

When the source is a web page, and no information is reproduced verbatim, a link to the web page is usually sufficient. The preferred style for linking is to insert links using reference names within the text, then complete references at the bottom of the page, as in:

According to the [OpenType Specification][OTSpec]...


The second [] is optional, and the text itself can serve as the reference tag, as in:

According to the [OpenType] Specification...


A link to another page in this book looks like this (note the .html extension):

Read more about [OpenType](OpenType.html)

If the information is a direct quote, or the source is not a web page, then a formal reference is needed. The formal referencing style is a footnote-based system. If a reference is needed, insert a footnote reference [^1] into the text, then add the reference details at the bottom of the page, as in [^1]: This is the reference. The full reference should be formatted according to the MHRA Style Guide.